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Bryon H.

Drummer has managed my own properties and those of many of my clients and investors since 2006. They are a very well managed office and will always do their best at attracting long term quality tenants. When problems do arise with tenants and maintenance issues they are prompt at getting resolution. Their office staff and accounting departments are extremely prompt at answering questions and providing information. If you own investment property and want to keep it for a LONG time (and do not want the ‘head ache’ of ‘taking care’ of your most valuable customer … your tenant … put it with Drummer and enjoy the long slow growth of real estate appreciation. They say, “Don’t wait to buy Real Estate … Buy it and WAIT”. Drummer is your life line … in WAITING.

Mike D.

We have used Drummer for three years to manage our property. We have had several previous property managers before Drummer. Until Drummer I would have categorized every property manager as falling into one of four categories; crooks, drunks, lazy or incompetent. Sometimes more than one. As the other reviews will atest, being a property manager is sometimes a difficult business with the property manager often taking the blame for absent owners. In contrast to the other property managers we have dealt with, Drummer, has always been proactive, responsive and diligent. In a word, professional. Our tenants have similarly satisfied whenever issues like a broken hot water heater or a plugged drain have come up. They have been responsive, efficient and courteous.

Iain Richardson

Current owner using Drummer for the last 8 years. Very impressed with their service. They have taken care of maintenance and finding new tenants with minimal effort on my part. They keep you informed of the important things while they sweat the small stuff. Great company highly recommended.

Ishaan Aurora

Drummer Realty and Property Management helped me get a wonderful suite on rent while I was in Calgary. Their representative, Lianne Robson was extremely helpful and made sure that the suite where I stayed was clean and ready for me to move in. She was very prompt and made sure all my questions were answered. During the course of my stay, although, there were no issues related to the suite as it was so nice, Lianne made sure whatever little issues that I faced with regards to maintenance etc. were fixed effectively. I thank Lianne and Drummer Realty for making my stay in Calgary a pleasant one. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone looking for good accommodation in Calgary.

Melanie Duma

We are glad that we contacted Drummer Realty & Property Management in May, 2018 when we needed to rent our condo unit. This was based on the recommendation from one of our Condo Board of Directors. The process was quick and easy, as well as friendly and very professional. After having our unit inspected and signing the documents the company proceeded with the advertising. As a result, we had our unit rented in a short amount of time. We would like mention the dedicated service that we received from Launa Rubuliak, Licensed Realtor & Property Manager. She was very knowledgeable, right to the point and understood our customer needs and preferences perfectly. Her friendly attitude and trustworthiness are a great asset in her profession. We would also like to mention the great communication with Josh Polkinghorne, Marketing Coordinator, who kept us up-to-date about our unit performance after it had been listed. We found the staff at Drummer to be very involved in doing good business, treating customers as part of their great team. We highly recommend Drummer Realty & Property Management. Melanie and Radu Duma

Daniella Balzan

I recently engaged Drummer Realty to take care of my condo while I am out of Canada and could not have chosen a better partner!!!. From the moment I met Chris Cameron., he gave me the best personalized professional service and the peace of mind of dealing with a very serious, reliable, transparent and knowledgeable team, who’s on my side taking care of my assets. Five stars review; Job well done guys!!!

Elizabeth Kraaij

Drummer Realty treated me with respect & understanding. I love living here, they are always available if I need something fixed. I would recommend drummer realty to anyone who is looking to rent a place with a company that cares about people.

Katie Chan

We have used Drummer Realty and Property Management for more than a decade. In that time as owners we have been very impressed with the service. Sean is attentive and his accounting is transparent. Drummer ensures our units are rented out, and qualifies applicants to find good tenants who will treat our units well. Thank you for your professionalism, Sean.

Henry Pelzer

Drummer Realty has managed my two rental properties in Calgary since I bought them more than 20 years ago. I rely on them completely and have been very pleased with their service. I also have rental condo properties in other parts of Canada (in BC and in ON) and can honestly say that my Calgary condos (and Drummer’s management of them) have so far been the most reliable and incident free investments of them all. The results speak for themselves. From my dealings with Drummer in a span of over 20 years (where this company has been passed down from father to son) I can vouch for their continuing managerial effectiveness. Drummer Realty and Property Management must be doing something right. — Henry R. Pelzer —

Iris Borsa

We have always been very pleased with Drummer’s management services. We are always kept well informed, and we’ve had renters that have stayed with us for more than 10 years. Great communication between us, Drummer, and our tenants!

Nicole Gray

I have worked with Drummer Realty and lived at one of their properties for the last year and a half. It has been a pleasure working with the management team and renting from Drummer Realty as well. During Christmas time cards were sent out and gift cards were given to the tenants which was something I have never experienced before with any rental property. During the poor economic times they really did make sure that they were taking care of their tenants. As a caretaker for one of the properties that Drummer Realty owns I can say that they really do take everything that I say and their tenants say into consideration. When it comes to fixing anything and I mean anything that might be broken they are on top of it. Drummer Realty makes sure that they are keeping their tenants in the loop with anything that might be happening at the building. The rental property that I live at is very well maintained and not just because I am the caretaker, but because Drummer Realty takes care of their tenants and their tenants respect that. This is the best property management team I have had the privilege of working with and renting from! If you are looking for somewhere to rent this company makes sure they take care of their renters and I would highly recommend renting at any one of their properties. Thank you Drummer Realty for all that you do! Nicole G.

Wayne Ballard

Drummer Realty has managed my properties for over 20 years. Their staff are easy to deal with, my calls are returned promptly, and they take care of problems in a professional manner. I would not hesitate to refer Drummer Realty to anyone seeking a very knowledgeable and trustworthy property management company.

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