Property Management is our specialty, and we take pride in working to form lasting relationships with our owners. This is why we wake up every morning, why Drummer is still around after over 36 years in the industry, and why we don’t rest until you’re confident that we have your back.

Your licensed Property Manager will work tirelessly to represent your investment; finding, screening, and facilitating quality tenants for your property. We conduct reference and credit checks on all our prospective tenants to ensure that your property is leased to someone who is responsible and financially stable.

Our Property Managers represent properties throughout Alberta, and often work evenings and weekends to get you that perfect tenant. Our Property Managers keep very flexible schedules and are available to you, the owner, to answer any questions or give advice on what to do with regards to your property. If you want to be involved in the decision making process, you will be. Your Property Manager will handle a large list of tasks including, inspections, move-ins and move-outs associated with your property as well as any concerns your tenant might have.

We won’t only represent your property; we will also represent your interests.

Rest easy, we’ve got this…


If you list a rental property and nobody sees it, does it even exist?

Drummer provides you with dedicated Marketing services for your property. We post your property on the most popular listing websites as well as leveraging social media, newspaper ads, and email marketing platforms ensuring your property always has a quality audience.

Our constant goal is to match the perfect tenant to your property, because happy tenants make happy owners! Should you request it, our Marketing department will update you weekly on the performance of your listing so you completely understand the climate of the current rental market.

Included are the services of a trained Photographer to capture your property’s appeal and present it in the best possible light. Also included are the skills of an experienced Copywriter, to describe your property’s features and benefits in the most attractive way possible.


Our maintenance department has a list of trusted and preferred vendors that we use should any maintenance issues arise. We receive timely service and preferred pricing from these vendors.

What does that mean for you?

We save you money! We also have full-time maintenance technicians on staff to handle the general maintenance needed as fast as possible.

Our techs additionally perform general up-keep between, during, and after tenancies where required. Our maintenance department takes all tenant calls (24/7!) regarding maintenance issues so you’ll never get another late-night call again! We gather all the necessary information and determine if we need to send a vendor or one of our technicians to address the issue. We also determine the cause of the maintenance issue and invoice appropriately.


Although most owners may not think too much about the monthly accounting cycle, we do!

That’s why Drummer Realty & Property Management has a full time accounting department with a combined 20 years of analytical and comprehensive experience.

Our accounting team is dedicated to providing our owners with easy-to-read, monthly financial statements, same-month accounting with owner pay outs on the last banking day of the month, and a variety of other services to help maintain your financial needs.

From the beginning of the month to the end, we dedicate our time to take care of every penny earned by your investment.


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