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Move-out Cleaning Guide

I get this question a lot, from both owners and tenants; 

“How do I prepare my home for move out”

Moving can be stressful and little things can be missed. This guide is to help you understand what your Property Manager will be looking for on a move out clean and provide information on commonly missed items.

Focus on the areas I’ll outline below and the move out will go GREAT.

I want to give you an essential guide to preparing your home for move out both to save you time, and a lot of elbow grease.


Review the cleaning guide and the move-out checklist.

Please reach out to your Property Manager with a preferred date and time to complete your move-out inspection. Your Property Manager will respond within one week of the requested date to confirm. During the inspection, your Property Manager will review your Initial Condition Report that was completed prior to your move in.

Being diligent on cleaning your suite will help save you money and will help will getting a full refund of your damage deposit

On the scheduled day of your move out inspection, your Property Manager will complete the final walk through with you and your Final Inspection Report will be completed. At this time, we will be collecting any final items that belong with the property, keys, FOBs, mailbox keys and any parking passes.

Signing the Move-Out Inspection.

The Final Inspection Report will be completed within 10 days of the inspection but please allow up to two weeks before the refund is received in the mail.

MOVE OUT GUIDE: Getting Your Deposit Back

Surfaces are to be wiped clean, and free of streaks, and all food and food remains are to be removed from the interior of the fridge. Pull out the fridge, and clean it underneath and behind the appliance. Be careful when pulling out the fridge as the floor can scratch causing damage. The freezer should be free of ice buildup and completely emptied.

Surfaces are to be wiped clean, free of streaks and any food and food remains. Glass door is to be wiped down and any stains removed. Oven racks and drip trays are to be cleaned thoroughly. Pull out the oven and clean behind and under the stove, the bottom drawer can be removed for easier access underneath. For flat-top stoves please use a flat-top approved cleaner.

Surfaces are to be wiped clean, free of streaks, and marks both internally and externally. The microwave is to be free of food and grease. This can be cleaned with hot water and dish soap. Don’t
forget the hood fans.

Surfaces are to be wiped clean, free of streak, marks and no food or food remains are to be left. Dishwasher filter and tray filter are to be removed, cleaned, and replaced.

Wipe down kitchen counters and back splash.

Wipe down and clean any discoloration.

Dryer filter to be cleaned of dryer lint. Inside of washing machine to be wiped down of any residue. To clean behind, gently pull the unit away from the wall. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean any debris from behind it. Note, the washer has two hoses and one drainpipe that you should be mindful of when moving the washer.

To be vacuumed, professionally cleaned/shampooed, and clear of any debris/pet fur.

Wipe down baseboards, electrical outlets, and light switches to ensure they are free of dust/scuffs

Wipe down all doors and clean handles and locks.

Blinds cleaned of any dust. Ensure slats contain no bends or breaks. Clean windows.

Clean all areas. Can be done using a mop and bucket.

To be cleaned of any dust (inc. ceiling and wall vents). This can be done with soft brush and vacuum.

Should be fully cleaned and free of grime. Drain should run freely, and free of any blockages or hair.

Ensure your bathtub, bathroom sinks and toilets are all clean.

Cleared, walls wiped, floors swept and free of any debris. Exterior windows cleaned.

Wipe down and clean of any dust, scuffs and marks

Annnnd Finally

Don’t try and paint the walls your self and be nice to your property manager 🙂

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions your property manager is more than happy to help or feel free to give me a call at (587) 355-4345.

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