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Clean your garage Calgary! Some serious clean up tips

Every suburb in Calgary seems to have a two car garage these days. Yet hardly any of the garages are used to park two cars. Even fitting one car in the garage is a stretch for many. Because let’s be honest: It’s pretty common for the garage to turn into a home’s dumping ground. Often, people stash something in the garage because they can’t decide what else to do with it. Stashed items are rarely used.  In some cases, never. Many of us simply own too much stuff and tend to use our garages as storage units, which works as long as you have adequate driveway or street parking. But if you are downsizing you may no longer have the luxury of extensive garage space. Here’s how to seriously downsize the belongings in your garage and clear out your mind!

1. Sports equipment, camping gear, beach chairs and old bikes.
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