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How does Drummer Realty advertise or promote my property for rent?

We promote your property via online and offline media. A full size detailed ad with high quality photos is posted on our website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages as well as the top local rental websites. We place print advertisements in various newspapers and other publications as agreed on by the Property Manager and the owner. This works well for properties located in smaller towns and rural areas. We also have lawn signs and other physical signage to use on your property to provide exposure to local street traffic.

What are your property management fees?

Our management fees are based on the type of property you have. We do not collect management fees while a new tenant is being sought. Please call us for more precise quotes on fees.

Does your company provide itemized monthly financial statements?

Yes, monthly income statements provided to you give a detailed account of the revenues and expenses for your property that month. And we also include/attach any supporting documents.

Am I protected for property damages caused by the tenant?

The security deposit we collect from the tenant is equal to one month’s rent, which is the maximum allowed under Provincial law.  The deposit can be used to cover unpaid rent, fees, or damages. It is advisable for you to possess home or condo insurance to cover unit or building damage losses and potential liabilities.

What methods are used to collect on damages exceeding the security deposit sum?

For damages exceeding the sum of the security deposit, we will invoice the former tenant for the remainder of that amount. If this balance remains unpaid after 30 days, we report it to a database used to warn landlords of that person’s poor rental history/outstanding balance with our company. In addition to that, the outstanding balance is submitted to the Credit Collections Bureau for recovery.

Do you thoroughly check my prospective tenants?

Yes, we verify suitable applicants regarding their income, employment status, rental history, and their credit worthiness which is based on their credit history.

How long does it take to find a qualified renter?

A few factors affect how long it takes to find a renter including: the rental price, rental vacancy rates in your city, the condition of your property, the neighbourhood, and the quality of the amenities in your condo and condo building. If your property is priced right for the market and the property is marketed through all the appropriate channels, it should be rented within a normal time period.

Do you mark up work performed by outside vendors?

No, we do not add any mark up to their invoice or override their fees. If the plumber charges $100, you would be charged $100.

If my property is vacant, do you still charge a management fee?

If your property is vacant for any reason (such as not being able to find renters, or when upgrades and renos are being done) we do not charge management fees.

What about any hidden fees?

We are very transparent about our management fees and they are disclosed on your management contract. We discuss any fees in our initial meetings with you.

Is your property management responsive to tenant needs?

We guarantee that both you and your tenant will get to speak to a team member directly, every time a call is placed to our office.  Our office is open Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. If your tenant needs help after-hours or if it’s a weekend emergency, we have an experienced Property Manager on call available to respond at all times.

How experienced are your maintenance staff and third-party maintenance vendors?

Drummer Realty & Property Management has an experienced and versatile maintenance staff. We screen our third party vendors for liability and workers compensation insurance. We have plenty of trusted vendors ready for virtually anything in need of repair. Along with these vendors we employ in-house maintenance technicians, this ensures we always have a skilled technician to respond to emergencies.

How many properties does your company currently manage?

We proudly manage approximately 900 properties in Southern Alberta.

How much experience does your company have in property management (not including experience in real estate sales)?

Drummer Realty & Property Management has been operating in property management since 1982. This is our specialty. The selling of real estate is not our primary focus. However, we do have Licensed Real Estate Associates on staff so we are able to sell properties at our client’s request.

How do you ensure my property is always in ``rentable`` condition and do you charge extra?

We coordinate all repairs and walk-through inspections required so that your property is in rentable condition. From cleaning carpets, painting walls, to changing locks, light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, we take care of everything. And the only charge is what the repair/construction vendors charge you.

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