Drummer Realty

Drummer Realty is the proud winner of the Calgary Residential Rental Association’s Media Excellence Award in 2016!

Gasonic Instruments; making it his 2nd consecutive win in the Environment Category. We would like to thank our Web Designers, Goose Digital, who have worked so closely with us over the past year on our website. They have recently helped us to launch our Client Login page that we are incredibly proud of. They have truly made our vision for better client services a reality. A big thank you should also go to our residents and clients, who are pleased with what we are achieving and the services we are offering to them. We appreciate your support and your business. Finally, a special thanks to the CRRA. Not only for the wonderful evening they hosted that still has us gleaming with pride, but also for their prompt and professional staff, resources and guidance that helps us to succeed in what we do. It has been a spectacular year for the Drummer Realty team and we are so honored and proud to see the efforts of our staff recognized amongst our industry peers.

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