Josh Polkinghorne Marketing Coordinator

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 Phone:4032582424 Ext. 231

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Josh joined Drummer Realty as Marketing Coordinator in January 2018, and has a Digital Advertising background with an emphasis on content creation and Copywriting. Graduating in 2014 from UofC with a Degree in English Literature, Josh revels in the power of the written word and all its applications. He was brought on to aid in the task of taking Drummer Realty to the next level as the company continues to evolve and compete in the ever-changing industry of Realty & Property Management.

In his role as Marketing Coordinator, Josh is responsible for maintaining Drummer Realty’s property advertisements on multiple online platforms, initiating and designing Social Media campaigns, and taking on a host of creative projects initiated by the President and General Manager.

He is spearheading the effort to make Drummer Realty a more widely recognized brand, and is providing the Drummer Community with an active and adaptive Social Media presence. Josh is also tasked with tackling the market research necessary to maintain Drummer’s preeminence as one of Calgary’s premiere Property Management firms for over 30 years.

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